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Put Pin Aid - Putting Aid

The Put Pin allows itself to be utilized for most putters on the market. Regardless of the design of the putter head it can be fixed again and again in different positions without damaging the putter. It is also ultra light and has no hindrance during the swing. It fits on a club head with a sole width of 22-34mm. It is durable plastic weight is 15gms and is 16mm in length.

How it works

With the PUT Pin the alignment of the body and the putter face will become considerably easier. Line up the clubface in the address position to a point where the PUT PIN matches up parallel to the target line. Now you only need to align your shoulders hips and feet square to the PUT PIN. During the putting movement you will recognize through the PIN PUT if within the swing motion the putter head eave the intended target line. Consequently you will be able to quickly correct the alignment and the swing.

PUT Pin is the perfect golf putting training aid to improve your golf





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