MiClub Leather Scorecard holder

MiClub Leather Scorecard holder – Autoscore and NEW Miscore (21x15 card)

In keeping with Distinctive Products's goals of providing world class products into the golfing sector we have NOW added the Miscore 21 x 15 holder to the already best leather holders on the market. Available in same 7 colours as the Autoscore the new Miscore holders allow the new Miclub card to perfectly fit.

LIMITED EDITION holders now available in Yellow, Green, Blue and Pink complementing the original Red, Black and Navy.


Also still available is the softest handmade holders made out of 100% Goats leather for the Miclub system. These are one offs and ONLY 20 units left.

Distinctive Golf Products is very pleased to continue its strategic relationship with Miclub as the original designer and preferred supplier of the MiClub leather scorecard holder. This holder is still the market leader and best featured handmade genuine leather holder for the Autoscore card system designed by Miclub. Our scorecard holder has been specifically made in consultation with Miclub and endorsed by the MiClub group. How does the Autoscore system work. Autoscore combines the tradition of the golf scorecard with time saving technology.

The Golf AutoScore scorecard is marked by the golfer like a traditional scorecard, but in addition, strokes are marked on a 'lotto' style panel for each of the 18 holes. At the completion of the round the scorecard is fed into a Mark Reader and the scoring information is recorded in approximately 1 second. Scores are instantly fed to the online leaderboard.

The leather holder is made from A grade leather and fits neatly into the back pocket of the golfer or is put in the golfers bag during the round. The holder not only protects the card from wear and tear it keeps it clean and dry from moisture in both winter and summer. It is designed to keep the card from bending and therefore has the potential of not being read by the reader if the card is incorrectly marked or bent. This is due to the constant movement in and out of the pocket or bag, the holder reduces the chances of the card being misused and non-readable.

It is hoped that the experience of having the card in its own leather holder will not only improve the satisfaction level of the golfer when using the holder but also confirm that the MiClub system is a leader in its field and innovation. Key features of the Distinctive Golf MiClub holders are as follows;

As a result of the close relationship between ourselves and MiClub clubs from all states of Australia who are currently using the Autoscore system have been requesting the Distinctive autoscore card holder to offer their members something totally unique long lasting and excellent quality. The leather holder is able to be foil stamped and debossed with a club logo or any corporate branding this option available at an additional charge. Holders come in black, red and navy. Other colours can be requested subject to availability at the time and minimum quantities. They are finished on the inside with a nylon backing in a colour similar to the leather.

The holder is smart looking and an essential item for the player that wants the best. Selection of recent orders from clubs around Australia.

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Goat Black