The Pill

Distinctive Products is proud to bring to Australia this world class putting training aid call The Pill. It is the only product in the market place that allows the golfer to practice their putting from the putter face all the way to the hole.


BCLN is a global brand with innovative clothing for golf and casual wear. Check out their facebook page below.

MIC 39 Golf

MIC 39 Golf are the inventors of the FIT 39ex glove. A revolutionary way in design and use of new materials to produce a glove not only for golf but other sports. Sold worldwide their range of products are innovative and Japanese quality.

Giant Ballmarker

We provide one-stop-solutions for Ball Marker used with Wood Retractable Divot Tool, Glove, Hat Clip and Putter.

GolfBall Busters

New balls are expensive and don't always finish the round with you. So GolfBall Busters was established to offer the best quality mint, near-mint or standard - recycled golf balls.

Golf Tools

Since 1996 more has been invested in the development and design of golf products. In addition to developing our own new products we also work on product improvements and marketing.

Australian Printed Ribbon

Australian Printed Ribbon is recognised as Australia's leading producer of custom printed ribbon for the promotional, corporate, hospitality, floral and special events industries.

Golf Course Hole Graphics

DR Design & Associates

DR Design & Associates can provide you with what's needed to represent your course with professional yardage books, course maps, yardage cards, scorecards, logos, brochures, web banners, ad design, 3D product renders and label design.

Australian Vet's Association

Distinctive Products is proud to support the efforts of the following Veteran Golfing Associations around the country in promoting golf. Distinctive Products Golf is offering their members some great products and benefits back to their respective associations. Good golfing to all.

WA Vets

ACT Vets

SA Vets

Southern Tasmania Vets

NSW Vets