Golf Gloves

The FIT 39 Glove from Japan arguable the best all weather glove on the market today with sales now exceeding 5 Million around the world. Using a revolutionary Japanese design it is made to literary fit the hand 'like a glove'. Golfers have commented, "this is the best glove they have worn, I have played the best golf since wearing one, I can't believe how long it has lasted, why have we not seen these here previously, my hand does not sweat as much"

This range of gloves is now the No 1 selling glove in a number of Asian countries and growing daily. WHY because they are just that good quality wise and innovation.

The original FIT39 is now joined by the Professional range and the COOL II. These 2 new additions cater for the golfer wanting that all leather feel but the features of the FIT39 glove and the COOL II has a revolutionary Air Thru Technology that allows the hand to breath far better than any traditional glove. Ideal for those hot climate locations and the mid summer heat.