Ball Markers

Ball markers are an essential item around the green and must be used when picking up the ball off the green to clean or realign the ball prior to trying to finish the hole by putting out. We have a quality range of markers that are clipped to your hat/visor or in your pocket. This in mind a range of fun images have been created for the golfer.

The range of clip on markers are made from a baked enamel on a stainless steel base and also come with Swarovski crystals inserted in to the base. Both markers are able to be clipped onto most hats for ease of use rather than trying to get something out of the pocket. They are a quality made product.

We have also created a range of generic markers made from our very popular chip range. These come in 11 different styles and have an image of green on one side and a golfer on the other side. Easy to see on the green, lightweight, easy to pick out of your pocket and very different.